3 Vital Considerations Before Your First Adventure In Your New Caravan


Caravan holidays are a quintessential part of Australian culture. Whether by the beach or in a serene bush setting, they're a social, relaxed and inexpensive way to explore the beautiful country. If you've recently bought a caravan and are about to head off on your first caravanning adventure, then here are three vital considerations to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly.

1. Book a powered caravan site

One of the most wonderful aspects of owning a caravan is that you have a comfortable home-away-from-home on wheels. However, without adequate power, you may find your first holiday isn't exactly comfortable. Even if your caravan has a solar system installed, if the weather is overcast and rainy, you may find that the available power isn't enough to run all of your mod-cons.

A powered site means that your first travel experience in your new caravan will be without drama.  You'll be able to cook, charge your devices and have night-time lighting without worry. If you have solar power, it's a great opportunity to try out how powerful, effective and reliable it is while still having the backup of on-site electricity on hand.

2. Choose a populated destination

Australia offers an incredible array of destinations for caravan owners to explore. These range from campsites near major cities to remote areas that are far removed from even a small town. For your first caravanning trip, it's wise to stick to a destination that is close to civilisation instead of off the beaten track.

Even if your caravan is brand new, it may have technical, mechanical or functional faults that could make your holiday unpleasant. The likelihood of this is increased if you've bought a second-hand caravan. By starting off in a populated area, you can rest assured that help is close at hand if any problems arise.

3. Try it out at home before you leave

Arriving at a beautiful destination after many hour's drive is not the time to find out that there's a fault in your caravan or that you've forgotten to bring along a vital piece of equipment. Before you head off on your first trip, it's wise to spend a night, or even a whole weekend, in your caravan to iron out any issues.

An example of this is the comfort level of the mattress. A cursory test may lead you to believe that it's going to provide you with a good night's sleep. However, nothing can be proven until you've spent a night or two sleeping on it. This will give you the opportunity to either replace the mattress or make it more comfortable with a mattress topper before you set off on your holiday.

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25 May 2017

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