A Travellers Guide to Choosing a Motel


Motels are the perfect place to spend the night when travelling. Read the extract below to understand the various considerations to make when choosing a motel. 


Choose a motel located on the outskirts of town. In such a way, you avoid heavy morning traffic on your way out. Motels located far from the main highway may be inaccessible during rainy weather or at night. You would also be interested in the motel's proximity to banks and shopping malls. 


Check the reputation of the motel from travel blogs and social media. Try to find answers to the following questions: Are staff members courteous to customers? Does the motel have quality food and drinks? What kind of people frequent the motel? These reviews will help you choose one motel over the other. 

Services Provided

Preferably choose a motel that provides a wide range of services. These would include the following:

Wi-Fi and cable television will keep you connected with friends and family. Besides, you can catch up on your favourite TV shows.

Recreational facilities such as a gym and swimming pool are the best place to unwind after a long day on the road.

If you are an outgoing person, choose a motel with a lively bar. As such, you can interact and make friends with other travellers.

If you would want to service or repair your car, choose a motel with a garage or petrol station. 

Condition of the Rooms

Check the condition of the rooms before paying. Do the curtains close? How clean are the sheets? What is the condition of the washroom? How comfortable is the bed? Make sure to let the staff know if you need anything changed.

Parking and Security

The motel should have ample parking space. Besides, it should have adequate security measures such as CCTV and security guards. The door to your room should have a functional lock. Some motels go the extra mile and install keycard and digital keypad door locks to enhance the safety of their clients. Others have safes in the room where you can store valuables such as your laptop, travel documents, cash and jewellery.  

Booking and Pricing

Your choice of accommodation should be reasonably priced. Most motels will give discounts during off-peak seasons. Some motels allow guests to book rooms in advance. It is a preferable choice when you are certain that you will check in late. During booking, inquire about deposits and cancellations. 

When choosing a motel, consider its location, reputation, services provided, condition of the rooms, parking, security and bookings. 


29 August 2019

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I love to spend time with my grandkids and I've decided that I want to do some traveling with them. It's amazing to see how they see the world and it helps to open me up to seeing the world differently as well. It can be hard to find accommodation that works for one senior and 3 children which is why I thought I'd start a blog about traveling grandkids. I have reviews on differents hotels and tips on finding affordable accommodation when traveling with the grandkids. I hope I can inspire other grandparents to get out and travel with their grandkids.