Two reasons why dog owners like holiday parks


Whilst there are quite a few pet-friendly hotels in most big cities, dog owners who want to take a break with their pets often prefer to go to pet-friendly holiday parks. Here are some reasons why.

There are a variety of beautiful spaces in which their dogs can play

One of the main reasons why so many dog owners like to take their pets to holiday parks is that these parks are often in places where there are a variety of scenic spaces in which their dogs can freely play, be walked and even go for a swim. These spaces might include woodland hiking trails, beaches and open fields. This is important, as dogs need to be walked once or twice a day, regardless of whether their owner is in holiday mode, and this essential daily task can feel much more enjoyable and more like a fun holiday activity for both the owner and their pet if it's done in beautiful surroundings.

In contrast, if a dog owner is staying at a hotel, their only options for exercising their pet might be to visit the enclosed, potentially very busy local dog park, or the hotel's own small dog play area, for an hour or two. When compared to the scenery, peace and beauty that they could experience by going for long, brisk walks along a beautiful beach or across several lush green fields in the area around a holiday park, it's clear why so many dog owners prefer the latter.  

Holiday parks have very few rules that dog owners have to follow

The other reason why dog owners often favour holiday parks is that there are far fewer pet-related rules that they need to follow than they would have to if they were at a hotel. For example, those who stay in pet-friendly hotels may be expected to keep their dog on a lead everywhere except in the hotel room and to only let their pet answer the call of nature in a designated area of the hotel. Furthermore, if after a long walk, a dog gets covered in mud, the hotel staff may not permit their owner to bring them back into the hotel until they've washed this mud off.

Conversely, pet-friendly holiday parks don't usually have too many rules, beyond asking dog owners to pick up after their pets and to ensure that the dogs don't bark too much late at night. Because they don't need to memorise and worry about following a whole host of rules, dog owners at holiday parks find it easy to relax and have a fun trip with their pets. They can take their pets for muddy walks each day, without having to bathe them before they can return to their motorhome or tent and let them off their leads whilst they're out and about.

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23 March 2022

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