Finding an Affordable Motel: 5 Top Tips


Staying in a motel doesn't need to cost the earth. If you are looking for a way to save money on your next trip, you should consider the following points.

Compare different motels

When looking for a budget motel room, it pays to do a little research. Even if the first quote you receive seems reasonable, it is worth spending a little bit of time seeing what else is available. Comparison websites will allow you to compare hundreds of motels at the click of a button. If you receive a good offer but wish to stay in a more expensive motel, you should consider contacting the motel you wish to stay in to check if they will price-match the lower quote.

Book a room with shared amenities

Booking a room that has shared amenities such as toilets and showers can help to reduce the overall cost of your stay. Although most modern accommodation will have ensuite facilities, smaller or older motels may still have rooms which use shared amenities. While you will have less privacy using these rooms, you will also pay much less compared to an ensuite room.

Avoid city centre motels

Motels which are located in or near major urban centres will generally be more expensive than motels that are situated further out. When planning your budget stay in a motel, you should avoid places which are in cities or close to tourist attractions. Instead, look for motels which are further out but still within easy travelling distance of the places or sites which you wish to visit.

Consider added-value offers

When calculating the cost of your motel room, it is important that you take into account any added value offers. For example, you may find a very cheap motel room that doesn't offer breakfast, meaning you will have to spend additional funds on food every morning. Paying a few dollars more for a more expensive motel which serves breakfast may secure you a very cheap morning meal.

Use loyalty programmes

Many motels, especially major chain motels, offer loyalty programmes to regular or return customers. These loyalty programmes often work using a points-based system in which you collect a set number of points for every night that you stay. These points can be redeemed at a later date to receive special discounts or a free one night stay at a motel of your choice.

If you would like to find out more about finding an affordable motel, you should contact a motel booking agency.


19 June 2017

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